Southern Gothic Magazine is a somewhat deceptive title for what began as an annual journal of culture and commentary in Oklahoma known locally as 46M. After producing only two editions, our writers and readership gravitated toward broader regional themes. The subject matter was quickly categorized as “Southern Gothic” and, during the Winter 2014, the creators decided to embrace the label and expand.

For over a century, Oklahomans have driven American culture from the shadows. Although technically not considered part of the “The South,” most Oklahomans certainly identify more closely with Southern culture than any other regional identity. Through the hardest of hard-boiled writers to the most bitter sweet of troubadours, Oklahomans have defined and redefined the American mystique with lurid elegance. Now, we are combining the vision of the 46M founders with other talented writers, designers and photographers from throughout the region.

Southern Gothic Magazine features essays and profiles on people from diverse fields from fine arts and design to business and politics. These cutting edge features are presented alongside complimentary classics.

Our publication was conceived from a passion to explore some of the most interesting and important aspects of Southern culture that are rarely examined, often misunderstood and deserving of deeper understanding and appreciation. We strive to be elegant while never shying away from the many uncomfortable truths that fuel the world’s interest in our dynamic and rich cultural heritage.