So, About that Alien-Affiliated Topless Movement


Photo by J.D. Thompson

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It all started with several dozen bare-chested women parading down Broadway Avenue in New York City last August. Those free spirits marched down one of the world’s most prominent thoroughfares with a message: “Free your breasts! Free your mind!” – or so read the placards they carried. Women and men in other cities marched in solidarity.

While some enjoyed the display, the event incurred the ire of others – especially many of New York’s city fathers, including Mayor Bill de Blasio and police commissioner Bill Bratton. Even New York’s Gov. Andrew Cuomo stooped from important state business to offer comment.

A 61-year-old former bartender from the Copacabana, Sandy Belzer, was quoted by the Associated Press saying he’d seen it all and asked a question that passed through the minds of many onlookers: “What’s ‘equality for breasts’”?

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